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Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc. sponsors youth of disadvantaged and/or
low-income families to participate in activities.  We have sponsored 129
children to participate in extracurricular activites/field trips (between $20 to
$200 per child)
.  Youth sponsored must be in Grade K5 through 12th.  
Although sponsorship is based on each individual circumstance, youth
eligible for free lunch through their school system will receive primary
consideration. Currently, Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc. will contribute up to
$50 towards a child to participate in an extracurricular event.  However, there
are special instances when Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc. will exceed the
minimum to sponsor a child.  

Click link for application -
2018 YHI&I Sponsorship Application

For more information or to determine if your child is eligible to take advantage
of our services please
text (317) 603-4515.
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During the 2012 - 2015 school years, Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc.  hosted the
Mystery Solving Reading & Writing Club at Bridgeport Elementary School,
Indianapolis, IN.  Thus far, 234 students have participated.  The four week
program required participants to read and solve fifteen mysteries, write one
mystery, and complete a  grammar and math mystery activity. Their completion
of the  program earned each of the participants an Official Mystery Solving
Detective Award, a mini-mystery book (including mysteries written by each  
student in their class), a bookmark, two pencils and a magnifying glass.  

This program is a great way to prepare students for iStep.  It challenges
participants to use critical thinking and problem solving skills.  If you would like
to host the program at your school, email  
There is no cost for the students to participate.
Mystery Solving Reading & Writing Club  
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