"Children are
our future
leaders. We
must teach
them the right  
way to go."
Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc.
"Where desire meets opportunity."
Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
based on Christian principles that encourages a joint, community-led
effort to reduce  high school dropout rates, non-promotions,
expulsions, suspensions, disciplinary offenses, teen pregnancies,
suicides, homicides, felonies, drug/alcohol abuse and obesity.  It is
our belief that opportunities and positive reinforcements is the key to
saving our youth from becoming victims of these high risk behaviors.  
We realize that children are our future leaders, and we must work
together to teach them to make better choices and to explore,
discover, and learn.

                                                                                These statistics are   
                                                                                from Indiana Youth       
                                                                                Institute's website.  For  
                                                                                more information log onto  
                                                                                there www.iyi.org.

Youth Hope & Inspiration Inc. was founded February 16, 2007 by two
sisters who grew up in a family that had limited resources.  Although
their parents encouraged them to explore their interest, they were not
able to participate in some of the extracurricular activities of their
choice.  As adults, they realize that children desperately need an
opportunity to explore their interest and talents, but they know that
financial situations can make it difficult.  Driven by their passion to
empower the youth, they began using their own money to sponsor
children.  It is their hope that the community will join them in their
mission and in making their vision become a reality.


Our vision is to ensure all youth have an equal opportunity to
participate in extracurricular activities, programs, and field trips of
their choice.


To encourage the community to work together to provide youth, of
disadvantaged and/or low-income families, enriching experiences for
healthy development.

Board of Directors

Youth Hope &  Inspiration Inc.'s Board of Directors also realize the
importance of working together to help the youth reach their full
potential.  They display their commitment by planning, promoting and
participating in events and by using their own money to sponsor
youth to participate in extracurricular activities.

Catina Barnett, President
Rhonda Blane, Vice President          
Felicia Coleman,Treasurer

Youth Board of Directors

Youth Hope &  Inspiration Inc.'s Youth Board of Directors are
responsible for sharing youth current interest, brainstorming on
innovative ideas for future events, and actively participating in events.

Meetings for the Youth Board of Directors will be held once a quarter
and usually on a Saturday.  Youth must be in 3rd - 12th grade.  

We are currently seeking additional Youth Board of Directors to
participate for the 201
8 - 2019 school year.  If you or someone you
know is interested in participating, please contact Catina Barnett,
Executive Director at (317) 658-6655.
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